About HYG and Vision

Our History

  • - In 2003, Environmental Engineering Business Unit was founded. The main business has been environmental & resources engineering and batch metal wastes trading.
  • - In 2004, Technology Equipment Engineering Business Unit was established. The main business has been plant deconstruction, clearance, installation and trading etc.
  • - In 2009, Material Application Technology Business Unit was founded. The main business has been power generation by green energy and mechanical energy differences, and development of high-tech industry, including all kinds of industrial materials.
  • - In 2009, Culture Creative Industry and Asset management Business Division was established The main business has dedicated in culture creative industry and asset management, which is development and extension of creativities by technology and artworks, and value creation for land development.
  • Our Commitment
    As our resources are exhausting and environment is deteriorating, the Hang-Yang is providing all-aspect services in equipments and facilities and city mineral resources to upgrade both industrial and customer’s values.
  • Our Vision
    Focusing in resources,
    Based in Taiwan and aim on the world.
    Three R policy –Value creation for our clients.
  • Our Mission
    We are innovators of Resources Recycling.
    We are pilots of Facilities & Equipments Recycling.