Our Green Energy Development & Application

Since there would be no end to the development of our civilization, our limited resources definitely will be insufficient soon or latter, regardless tangible or non-tangible ones. For many years of our concerns to the green earth, Hang -Yang Group has input efforts into green energy development and application. By those years of efforts, we also have set up many milestones along our research history.

Solar and wind energy may be the typical green energy as we may think, however, mechanical and dynamic energy actually are one of the energy applications that most easily available to our life. Hang-Yang Group is just a business that is always endeavoring into such sector. Also, we are now competent to provide a platform for such technology integration.

  • Interactive platform between industry and academy:

    Hang-Yang Group also has research partners of academic institutes: Department of Resources Engineering and Department of Materials Science and Engineering, both under the National Cheng Kung University, as well as Material and chemical Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute. By those ties, we have greatly deepened our research by close interaction and communication with them.

  • Innovation of multi application for material and resources:

    Materials are the essence of sciences. Only by physical and chemical changes of the materials, all of our technologies can be developed as a result. As our resources are less and less, how we can effectively use the materials through its features to achieve zero wastes policy are Hang-Yang Groups’ main business from now until the future.

Film Source: 2010/09/10 Evening News of Taiwan Public Television Service
  • 1.Power Generation Module, based on transformation of mechanical energy into electrical energy.
  • 2.In 2010 World Technoplis Association in Hsin-chu , by its green energy themes, we presented e-pad, a kind of power source pad, and thus drew attractions from the guests and visitors.
  • 3.In 2010, we are invited by an interview through a domestic news media, and afterwards, this innovation was publicly reported.
  • 4.In 2011, by invitation, we presented our interactive power generation land bricks module, by Exhibition of Classic Ceramics Brands in Taiwan host by New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum. All of the visitors were having great interactive experiences of green energy.